In life, things are rarely ever black and white and it’s often never as simple as right vs wrong. Personally, I like to think of a grey area as an abstract space meant for… Continue reading


. It’s #WCW and this week we’ve got our eyes on the stunning Sangita Patel! An electrical engineer- turned-TV host, Sangita has had quite an impressive journey so far. Since making the change from TV Weather… Continue reading


Love is in the air this spring, and we all know what that leads to … BABIES!! Greta Constantine has dressed some of the most beautiful baby bumps – and with warm days finally… Continue reading


 . It’s #WCW and today we’ve set our eyes on a beautiful blonde – the ever-captivating Natalie Langston. As a television host for Novus TV, Natalie has plenty of parties to attend, appearances to… Continue reading


Little did I know that my decision to move to Toronto nine months ago for an internship with Greta Constantine would change my life so drastically. I have accomplished more than I ever… Continue reading


.Where some fear the uncertainties concealed within darkness, we revel in the beauty of the unknown and the endless possibilities of which it is composed. For the love of darkness, let’s take a look at… Continue reading


. It’s #WCW and this week we’re praising the inspirational Krystal Koo, photographed above with her husband Michael Cooper and our boys Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong. She has been dubbed the “hostess with… Continue reading

#WomanCrushWednesday: Coco Rocha

It’s #WCW and today we celebrate the success and magnificence that is Coco Rocha! As a fellow Torontonian, Coco has a special place in our hearts. What’s fascinating about the relationship between GC and… Continue reading

BEST OF: Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2015

Man, I love Toronto! This incredibly beautiful and culturally diverse city steals my heart on the regular. From the city’s energy on a bustling Monday morning, as women in tailored suits make their way… Continue reading

#WomanCrushWednesday: Jessi Cruickshank

FUN FACT: The first designer dress I ever wore happened to be a purple number by my favourite Canadian design-duo Greta Constantine. I wore it to the Season 1 Hills Aftershow Finale in L.A at AREA… Continue reading


Today we’re celebrating #FBF with a special post dedicated to the the 72nd annual Golden Globes! The evening was full of starlets wearing stunning red and yellow hues that rivalled the rich Californian sunsets of the… Continue reading

#WomanCrushWednesday: Camille Lou

There’s something so honest and simple about small town living. Communities where everybody knows your name and people smile at each other passing in the streets. Although these folks are miles away from the… Continue reading