. It’s #WCW and this week we’re praising the inspirational Krystal Koo, photographed above with her husband Michael Cooper and our boys Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong. She has been dubbed the “hostess with… Continue reading

#WomanCrushWednesday: Coco Rocha

It’s #WCW and today we celebrate the success and magnificence that is Coco Rocha! As a fellow Torontonian, Coco has a special place in our hearts. What’s fascinating about the relationship between GC and… Continue reading

BEST OF: Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards 2015

Man, I love Toronto! This incredibly beautiful and culturally diverse city steals my heart on the regular. From the city’s energy on a bustling Monday morning, as women in tailored suits make their way… Continue reading

#WomanCrushWednesday: Jessi Cruickshank

FUN FACT: The first designer dress I ever wore happened to be a purple number by my favourite Canadian design-duo Greta Constantine. I wore it to the Season 1 Hills Aftershow Finale in L.A at AREA… Continue reading


Today we’re celebrating #FBF with a special post dedicated to the the 72nd annual Golden Globes! The evening was full of starlets wearing stunning red and yellow hues that rivalled the rich Californian sunsets of the… Continue reading

#WomanCrushWednesday: Camille Lou

There’s something so honest and simple about small town living. Communities where everybody knows your name and people smile at each other passing in the streets. Although these folks are miles away from the… Continue reading


“Hilary, is your passport renewed?” “Yes” “Good, then you better start practicing your French.” The conversation was short but kept me floored for days. Each season Kirk, Stephen, Jesse and an assistant head… Continue reading

GC Diary: My Afternoon with Imran Amed

On a gloomy Wednesday afternoon, I’d been perusing Instagram and stumbled across a a familiar face – Imran Aman, Founder and Editor of the Business of Fashion. To my delight, the post announced… Continue reading

GC DIARY: Time After Time

This summer I have learned one thing: how to juggle. Figuratively speaking, that is. Between family, friends, working, interning and having a boyfriend, things can get and well, do get, pretty hectic. I’m… Continue reading

GC BRIDE: Always a Bridesmaid

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress(es) is often a hard-fought battle (if you’ve ever seen Bridesmaids, you’ll what we mean). Girls in your wedding party all want to look fabulous on your big day, but it can… Continue reading

GC STYLE: Get Schooled

Fall is often a season of change – the need for dress-to-impress ensembles rise in popularity as people start new jobs, begin college, and take their kids back to school. Today we’re bringing you… Continue reading

GC BRIDE: Engage In GC

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been dreaming about ‘the proposal’ – how will my future partner pop the question?  Will it be dramatic, spur of the moment, or an intimate… Continue reading