“Hilary, is your passport renewed?” “Yes” “Good, then you better start practicing your French.” The conversation was short but kept me floored for days. Each season Kirk, Stephen, Jesse and an assistant head… Continue reading

GC Diary: My Afternoon with Imran Amed

On a gloomy Wednesday afternoon, I’d been perusing Instagram and stumbled across a a familiar face – Imran Aman, Founder and Editor of the Business of Fashion. To my delight, the post announced… Continue reading

GC DIARY: Time After Time

This summer I have learned one thing: how to juggle. Figuratively speaking, that is. Between family, friends, working, interning and having a boyfriend, things can get and well, do get, pretty hectic. I’m… Continue reading

GC BRIDE: Always a Bridesmaid

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress(es) is often a hard-fought battle (if you’ve ever seen Bridesmaids, you’ll what we mean). Girls in your wedding party all want to look fabulous on your big day, but it can… Continue reading

GC STYLE: Get Schooled

Fall is often a season of change – the need for dress-to-impress ensembles rise in popularity as people start new jobs, begin college, and take their kids back to school. Today we’re bringing you… Continue reading

GC BRIDE: Engage In GC

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been dreaming about ‘the proposal’ – how will my future partner pop the question?  Will it be dramatic, spur of the moment, or an intimate… Continue reading

GC FAVES: Travel Warrior

Are you thinking about a spontaneous (or, let’s face it, not so spontaneous) adventure, but have no idea how to start packing? Plus, how do you manage to fit everything in such a small carry-on because who wants… Continue reading

GC Diary: The Apprentice

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then journey is over and it’s too late. The time… Continue reading

GC Trend: Medieval Times

Aside from being set in another world and era, it’s impossible to watch Game of Thrones without immediately making an association to the Middle Ages. It’s not just the clothes; the gory deaths, wars and… Continue reading

GC BRIDE: Country Cute vs. Modern Marvel

Recently we’ve noticed a huge bridal trend – country chic decor, barn-style settings, outdoor venues. Let’s face it – wildflowers and peonies are the new roses as modern brides take to country roots… Continue reading

GC STYLE: Ch-Ch-Change

In dire need of a style overhaul, but worried about making a transformation too drastic? It’s much simpler than you think and we’re here to help. Today we’ve put together a quick guide that’ll make… Continue reading

GC TREND: Circle of Style

Have you ever walked into your mom’s closet to find a treasure trove of clothes you deemed horrendous years ago, but now find ever so chic? Assuming some of you can relate, this goes to show how fashion… Continue reading